Trophy Fish  

If you don't like people and water, you probably won't like this area


My trophy fish, a Speckled trout, caught in Nov. 1976 tied a State record (11 lbs-10 oz) .
This website is all about our family, we've been here so many years our daughter and son
grew up in this area. They live in different areas now, so we don't see them as often. You've probably never stayed in a neighborhood like this one, it's like a family, people look out for each other. We even have a party sometimes.We also have a 4th of July party with fireworks over the water. We are one of a few that have a private owner Ramp and Docks. A few people stay here year round and some use it as a weekend or summer place. Land is very valuable here. Some lots have been passed down to their children and grandchildren they are not for sale, and probably won't be. Neighbors are like neighbors used to be. We help each other do whatever needs to be done.We have people in their thirties up to seventies.

All said, it's a heck of a place to live!

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